About (the other)Vintage-Edmonton

This website is for everyone fascinated by how much Edmonton has changed in the last 100 or so years.

We call ourselves the other Vintage Edmonton because we launched the Vintage Edmonton Facebook page before we were aware there was already a vintageedmonton.com website. By the time we realized, it we already had over 3,000 likes and it was too late to rename the page (Facebook wouldn’t let us).

After careful consideration and voting, we decided to name the website Vintage(dash)Edmonton to keep it consistent with the Facebook page. We also want to apologize to “The Rev” at vintageedmonton.com for all the confusion it has caused him, and encourage you to check out the site.

The photos on this website are a combination of prints and postcards that were shared by friends, fans, and various photos found online.

We’ll try to keep it simple, fun, and interesting.